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garbage pail kids

i know you all remember or at least pretend to remember garbage pail kids from the 80's. so maybe i should assume most of you are aware that they are making new ones??????

if you did not know this, but care, go to your local nerd spot/comic book store/magic cards and games store, what have you, and ask them about it.

i just got some. i also am finding places that have the old ones.
my favorite that i have had for years, is schitzo-fran.
it is sort of offensive, and as someone with multiple personalities who was also once mis-diagnosed as schitzo, i should be offended, but i'd rather laugh.
the card is a picture of a double headed doll fighting with eachother. i really like it....
schitzophrenia is different than multiple personalities though, and the card is more a joke on multiple personalities, but back in the 80's and beforehand, people seemed to think that they were the same thing.

has anyone ever seen the garbage pail kids movie? i want to go rent it later. i have not seen it in a million years, maybe not ever even.

peace, Jymi
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