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here in boston it is snowing like crazy!
is there anyone from this area who is over 25 years old who remembers the blizzard of '78...?
i was conceived during that storm i think. no one could get out of their homes, including my parents, so they were busy making me! ha!
if anyone has any fun snow memories, write them.

oh, and holiday toys! Does anyone know what "the toy" is this year?
when i was little one year, the cabbage patch doll was the toy and parents were beating eachother up in toy stores to get those dolls. some people even bought like 10 of them and scalped them for twice the price to people who didn't get theirs in time. ha! funny stuff, huh?
my parents got my sister lisa and i each one after standing in line for like 2 hours, and i liked mine, but my sister was more interested in the box that our new TV had come in on christmas morning. i swear if i have kids i'll get them simple little toys, and then lots of big cardboard boxes and bed sheets. that's the way to go!

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